Experience more effective meetings with Kairos

With our Dashboard you will be able to view your upcoming meetings and pending tasks. Overlooked details? No more!

Schedule meetings

View your up-coming meetings on your Kairos calendar, as well as your previous meeting drafts

Improvised meetings?

Take advantage of our quick drafts and say good-bye to overlooked details!

Create quick and friendly minutes

Capture all the information, relevant agreements and appoint tasks with deadlines to keep away excuses and stay clear on your organization goals

Send minutes

Keep all your meeting attendants well informed as well as those who should know about the discussed topics by sending them a draft to their email

Update your progress

Follow up your agreements and appointed tasks during the meeting so that things happen intead of being left in the minute

Create reports

Knowing what’s going on in your organization doesn’t have to be complicated. Use global reports to make better decisions

Use the best practices

We give you advices in order to help you hold a better meeting, save time and increase your team’s productivity

Take advantage of our integrated tools

Google calendar

Integrate Kairos into your Google calendar to schedule meetings in and outside the platform and efficiently follow up your agreements

Google Drive

Attatch relevant files to your meetings so everyone is on the same page when discussing topics and critical information in a meeting


Follow up your task fulfillments by integrating Kairos into Asana

Tired of unproductive meetings?

Start today! Free of charges and obligations!